S2,E6: Navigating Strategy, Humanity, and Uncertainty

Join experts from around the globe as they share their ideas and approaches for navigating the downtime caused by the novel coronavirus.

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs hosts a dynamic group discussion on how elite sports teams are navigating the uncertain waters created by the novel coronavirus.

Our guests this episode – Jim Liston from Toronto FC, Gary Walker from FC Cincinnati, and Jeremy Sauer from West Ham – share their approach, creative ideas, and challenges related to:

  • Managing training and caring for their athletes given the uncertainty of the downtime
  • Maintaining club culture and strong personal connections
  • Creative strategies for athlete engagement and the importance of keeping things fresh for their athletes
  • Unique opportunities for training, learning, and teaching that the break is providing
  • Planning for a return to play or return to a new season amidst uncertainty
Watch for a bonus episode featuring a behind the scenes brainstorming with our guests on a scenario planning framework.
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