Kitman Labs Support Policy

Kitman Labs strives for excellence and professionalism in providing customer service to all our users.

To accomplish this mission, we agree upon these values:

It is Kitman Labs policy and responsibility to provide excellent service to our users.

The purpose of this policy is to establish uniform standards and procedures for responding to user questions, complaints or feedback, thus making sure those responses are timely and that issues do not “fall through the cracks.”

Communication with users comes to Kitman Labs in many ways. This policy outlines a procedure for responding to complaints, requests for service and questions that come to Kitman Labs through a customer visit, call, Intercom or email. Each department in Kitman Labs are expected to use similar standards and procedures for responding to and dealing with complaints, requests and questions that come from their interactions, either directly or indirectly, with our users.

Response Standards

When possible, complaints, questions and requests for service should be resolved in “real time” on the same day they arrive. However, in many instances, referral and follow-up are necessary in order to fully understand and resolve the issue. In such instances, the following standards for acknowledgement and resolution should be followed.




Response Procedure

Calls/ Onsites/ Customer Visits to the Kitman Labs Office

Intercoms or E-mails