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Analytics vs. Coach’s Intuition for Player Development

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Stephen Smith 0:00
So, what they wanted to understand was of all of the different types of drills that were performing for each characteristic.

Stephen Smith 0:06
So they will have specific drills, let’s say that help them with, you know, defending they’ll have certain drills that will help them with pressing, they’ll have certain drills that will be helping, helping them with like counterattacking, for example.

Stephen Smith 0:18
So what they wanted to understand was of these drills, which ones actually delivered the biggest bang for our book.

Stephen Smith 0:23
So there’s obviously a limited window of time that they have to get these athletes on the field, which drills should we be using, are going to give us the biggest improvements.

Stephen Smith 0:31
So what we’ve been able to do is come in and actually analyze all of the different types of drills and link them back to specific outcomes and help them to understand if you only have 20 minutes to work on this particular characteristic.

Stephen Smith 0:42
This is the drill that you use, this will deliver, you know, 1.6 X, the outcome that this particular drill would and that is like that level of insight.

Glenn Crooks 0:51
That’s a, that’s a game changer because that, that’s gold because you only have a certain amount of time with these athletes, you have to get them off their feet.

Glenn Crooks 1:00
It’s massive.

Stephen Smith 1:01

Stephen Smith 1:01
Well, they made it essentially it’s telling them as well in some scenarios like this, that it would take you two sessions to deliver the same stimulus with this drill than it would one session with this particular drill.

Stephen Smith 1:11
So it becomes a very simple mathematical equation to say, ok, you know, where, where, where do we get the biggest impact?

Stephen Smith 1:17
And how do we focus there?


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