Creating Actionable Data with Oakland Roots SC

Watch Jordan Ferrell, Technical Director of Oakland Roots SC, discuss the Club’s move from doing injury reports in Excel to integrating their medical, performance and training session data into one platform.


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I’m currently with Oakland Roots. We are working with their coaching staff to get sessions planned out in the system, start tracking more along the themes of what they’re going to be doing in those training sessions, those principles of play we’re gonna be working on, and then also working with them on talent development. So tracking their players over time, subjective ratings scores and things like that.

You know, to start, we, we were doing injury reports on Excel. From a technical standpoint, as I mentioned, you know, we’re regenerating data from training sessions from matches, and we wanted to kind of find an integrated software management tool that would allow us to bring all those things together, you know, the performance, the medical, the technical, and see how kind of all of that comes together and then see what we can learn from that. So that led us on this road where we’re, you know, talking to a lot of different companies and trying to figure it out. 

Obviously, with Kitman. It was a big opportunity to jump in, as Kitman transition from just kind of the performance medical to adding some of this more technical related software. So we saw the opportunity, and I think it was a good step for us as an organization at the time that Kitman was taken a step as well. We chose Kitman Labs for for a lot of different reasons.

And a lot of it had to do with where we were as an organization. But working with you all, we’ve gained so much insight into a lot of different environments and ways in which we can improve our practice ways in which we can plan ahead for the future of our organization. Ways in which we can move the needle really quickly, that don’t require a lot of resources that we otherwise might not have thought of, just because of the expertise within your within the Kitman organization.


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