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Stephen Smith


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Today we announced a $52M round of funding, one of the largest investments in our industry. I’m incredibly proud about what this says about what we’ve accomplished as a company so far and even more excited about the resources this will give us to double down on the current work we are doing with our 700 partners and accelerate the innovations needed to get ahead of the fast-changing requirements that are shaping the future of sports.

Sport has always been a face-paced industry, operating at a speed far greater than other typical businesses. But at no time have I seen the pace of change that is happening, driven by:

  • the business pressures placed by new tech-savvy investors with high expectations,
  • revenue pressures left over from the pandemic,
  • competitive pressures as the financial stakes of sports get higher,
  • and the opportunity presented by exploding volumes of data to fundamentally shift how teams work to improve talent management, performance and health

So we are seizing the moment. This investment will allow us to rapidly grow the company across the globe and accelerate our efforts to build a platform that unites all departments, creates shared, analytics-driven intelligence, and supports powerful collaboration that we believe will yield better results on and off the field. We want to help every sports organization seize the opportunity to evolve, improve and achieve their goals.

We have one of the world’s best teams made up of incredible engineers, data scientists, user experience experts, product experts, sports performance and medicine experts, sports business experts and communications experts. I can’t wait to see what happens when we put the full force of their brainpower and talent behind our mission – building the operating system for human performance – and helping every team meet their goals and objectives.

Check out the full press release here.



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  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen is Kitman Labs’ CEO and founder. He was previously Senior Injury Rehabilitation & Conditioning Coach at Leinster Rugby Club. Stephen holds a BSc in Sport & Exercise Rehab and MSc in Football Rehab from Edgehill University.

    CEO & Founder of Kitman Labs


Kitman Labs Joins ‘More than Equal’ Quest To Develop First Female Formula 1 Champion

More than Equal’s mission is to close the gender gap in motor sports and find and develop the first female Formula 1 world champion. They will now have an advanced operating system to centralize data for female drivers participating in More than Equal’s pioneering Development Programme.