The Game Changer Podcast

We started the Game Changer podcast series to have interesting conversations with interesting people. 

In our latest edition, Founder and CEO, Stephen Smith and Martin Buchhiet, Head of Performance Research, talk all about the past, present and future of performance science, data, sports research, and how teams create highly collaborative, data-driven organizations. 

Latest Episode

Season 3, Episode 1:
The New Performance Science Opportunity

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs welcomes Martin Buchheit, a renowned sports science researcher and published author, to Kitman Labs as the new Head of Performance Research. In this lively discussion the two talk about the past, present and future of performance science, data, sports research, and how teams create highly collaborative, data-driven organizations

Key discussion points:

  • How research can improve to help teams advance – on and off the field –  in a more practical and compelling way 
  • The evolution of thinking about data and roles, to thinking about questions and problems
  • The importance of asking the right questions with the right context at the right level
  • Ego, humility, fear, trust and transparency!
  • Are we stuck in satisficing mode?
  • The keys to building a highly collaborative environment
  • What it takes to have a seat at the strategic table


Stephen Smith,  CEO and Founder

Stephen’s expertise is in injury rehabilitation and sports physiology. Prior to founding Kitman Labs in 2012, Stephen worked as Leinster Rugby's Senior Rehabilitation Coach. His vision and experience guides the direction of product development and the company.

John Dams, Performance Science APAC

John has worked for over 20 years in professional sport and has been the Head of Performance at the English Premiership rugby team Harlequins and with the New South Wales Waratahs. He has also worked as a strength and conditioning coach with Leicester Tigers and Wellington Rugby.

Kevin McLaughlin,  VP of Operations - EMEA

Kevin is a retired professional rugby player, having represented both Leinster Rugby and the Irish National Team. He has first hand experience using Kitman Labs' Athlete Mobile. Today, Kevin plays a crucial role in Kitman Labs evolution into European sport

Andy Shelton,  Performance Scientist

With over 10 years experience of directing sports science departments in a variety of elite sports environments, Andy is Kitman Labs’ first Applied Sports Scientist. Today he works for Kitman Labs alongside some of the world's best sports teams, helping them to understand injuries and unlock performance.

Darcy Norman, Performance Scientist

Darcy is currently a consultant for the USA Men’s National Soccer Team as well as being Kitman Labs Head of Performance. His specialties lie in creating and implementing methodologies, applied data, training and managing medical, rehab, fitness, nutrition, psychology and sports science staff at the highest level.