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Introducing the Performance Intelligence Research Initiative and Martin Buchheit, as new Head of Performance Research

Renowned practitioner and published researcher to lead the company's groundbreaking performance science and operational research program


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Menlo Park, CA and Dublin, Ireland — August 24, 2020 — Kitman Labs, the provider of Performance Intelligence Solutions today announced the Performance Intelligence Research initiative and the appointment of Martin Buchheit, PhD as the Head of Performance research for the company. The goal of the research is to produce evidence-based best practices that will advance the fields of sports performance science, coaching, talent development and identification, and leadership. Buchheit will spearhead the initiative, and in tandem with the Kitman Labs Performance Science team, partner with professional, collegiate, and youth teams across the globe to conduct and publish research.

Over the last 20 years, Martin Buchheit has worked and consulted all over the world in various sports as a strength and conditioning coach, applied sports scientist and most recently as the Head of Performance at Paris Saint Germain. Using his background in strength and conditioning (2 Msc), statistics (1Msc) and a PhD in exercise physiology, Buchheit has developed training and testing tools and has been published over 170 times. He co-founded HIITScience, a web platform and book focused on the use of HIIT for performance in elite sports, and launched Sport Performance & Scientist Reports, the first review-free open access scientific journal. Now, he steps into a role at Kitman Labs focused on conducting research across a variety of sports, geographies and topics.

“There is a wide-open opportunity to deliver a new kind of applied research across people, process, technology, data, analytics, and science that can help teams solve problems and get better in a very practical and transformative way” said Buchheit. “Kitman Labs is stepping up and providing the program and the resources to help the industry establish and continually refine the research-backed gold standards that drive success. I’m excited to bring our joint practical research vision to life, in an uncompromising way.”

“We are honored to welcome Martin to our Performance Science team to lead this program, said Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs. “His background, his passion for data, science, human behavior, and organizational behavior combined with his deep experience in publishing high-impact research will help every team in the industry, no matter where they are in their journey.”

The Performance Intelligence Research Initiative is a research, education, and community engagement program designed to produce new evidence-based insights about on-field and off-field success. It also aims to accelerate the adoption of gold standard practices discovered through the research via interactive learning vehicles and engaging forums. In addition to the company’s traditional research into performance and health, new research topics will focus on the building blocks of successful organizations and include topics such as:

  • Leadership, culture and alignment
  • Integrated communication, collaboration and decision making
  • Performance-led planning
  • Short and long term development strategies
  • Data-led decision-making
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Data collection and data quality
  • Cross-departmental athletic development
  • Economics of player performance
  • Multi-disciplinary athlete care and development
  • Youth development and progression

“We have a big research agenda, as performance science and data-driven insights can’t live on an island. Only through people, processes, and technology that enable transparency, trust, and shared decision-making around the table can data have the springboard it needs to deliver it’s true impact,” explained Buchheit.

“Research and innovation have been core values of our company from day one, and we are launching the new initiative to take on a more all-encompassing approach to the science of success,” continued Smith. “With the world’s largest performance data set and most elite customer base, we will dive deep and put real research behind the factors that deliver sustainability, consistent on-field performance, and increased financial value.”

To learn more about how Kitman helps elite sports teams worldwide succeed, visit the Kitman Labs Knowledge Center, follow The Game Changer podcast, or read about Kitman Labs in the news.

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