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Rosenborg BK to partner with Kitman Labs


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Norway’s most successful football team, Rosenborg BK (RBK) have partnered with Sports Analytics company Kitman Labs, adding the award-winning Athlete Optimization System™ into their elite performance program.

The four-time back to back Eliteserien Champions and 2019 Norway Cup Winners will use Kitman Labs to centralise and analyse data from different back-office departments, using the information and insights from the system to strengthen the communication between medical, performance and coaching staff and to support their daily decision making on training and injury interventions..

Christian Thorbjørnsen, RBK’s Fitness Coach and Physiotherapist said the introduction of the performance software into their daily routine has been seamless, with athletes using Kitman Labs Athlete Mobile App first thing in the morning to log wellness, sleep and other information via flexible data forms.

The data is uploaded immediately into the Athlete Optimization System where medical, performance and coaching staff receive real-time updates  on an athlete’s health status.

“The performance, medical and coaching staff meet each day before training to discuss the schedule for that day and to tailor individual training or rehab plans for the athletes, with the adjustments based on the athlete’s status and the information that we receive from Kitman Labs.”

The Norwegian team have been virtually unbeatable, winning the Eliteserien competition 22 times in the last 30 years and making more appearances in the UEFA series than any other Norwegian team. After such a successful season, Thorbjørnsen said the team are more determined than ever to repeat this years efforts in the Eliteserien and advance to the play-off stage in the Champions League, which they have not done since 2013.

“At this level of performance, the small details matter, which is what makes RBK so strong. We have been happy using Kitman Labs this year and are excited to see how we can continue to develop it for our use in the year to come”.

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs commended the new partnership.

”Not only does the high performance culture of Rosenborg make this new partnership extremely powerful for both organisations, it has also been incredibly uncomplicated thanks to the dynamic nature of our system which has been able to support their unique workflow from day one.”

“I am extremely excited to see what future projects and insights our teams will continue to collaborate on, and how these outcomes will support Rosenborg’s goals for the year ahead.”

Rosenborg BK are the latest in a long line of elite sports teams across the globe to join forces with Kitman Labs, which has offices in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and Silicon Valley, California, USA. The company works with some of the biggest brands in European and American sports, and are transforming sport with a new approach to leveraging athlete data.. Kitman Labs works with over 150 teams around the world and their system is available in 30 different languages.

For further information, visit or follow @KitmanLabs on Twitter.


Kitman Labs is leading the evolution of sport performance in partnership with over 150 elite teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, NCAA, AFL, NRL EPL and Championship Rugby. Through advanced statistical analysis, rigorous scientific research and unparalleled industry experience, we have architected the world’s only analytics platform that helps sports teams to truly harness their data and uncover the influencers behind performance optimization and injury risk. Through our real-time multivariate analysis of game, injury, practice and health data, coaches, performance and medical staff can leverage these objective insights to understand how to best prepare and develop their athletes to gain a competitive edge.

Kitman Labs experienced team of sports and data scientists, software engineers and product managers have more than 300 years of experience that guides and develops our product, ensuring a perfect balance of innovation, design and usability specific to the demands of elite sport. Our Athlete Optimization System™ won the award for Performance Technology of the Year 2018 at the Prestigious BT Sport Industry Awards.  The company has offices in Silicon Valley and Dublin. For more information visit the website here or to get in touch email



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