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Bath and Gloucester Rugby Announce Partnerships with Kitman Labs to Help Reduce the Risk of Injury


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English Rugby Union clubs Bath and Gloucester Rugby have announced a new partnership with leading sports science and technology company Kitman Labs.

The Silicon Valley-based company has recently signed three-year deals, which will see their [ Intelligence Platform (iP)™ ] used at the two South West rugby powerhouses. The Medical and Sports Science teams at Bath and Gloucester Rugby will be utilising the Kitman Labs’ system to enable players to quickly and easily capture biomechanical information on a per athlete basis.

The ground-breaking software is today being used globally, most notably in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and the Premier League with Everton and Norwich City. The teams are able to evaluate player data in real-time and help reduce injury rates and increase team performance.

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs said: “We’re pleased to continue partnering with clubs of Gloucester’s and Bath’s prominence and pedigree. “My original vision for Kitman Labs stemmed from my role as a trainer for a professional Irish rugby club and these partnerships further strengthen Kitman Labs deep commitment to the sport. “And whilst we remain focused on rugby, we’re also expanding our software service to US professional organisations, including baseball, basketball, American football and soccer.”

Allan Ryan, High Performance Manager at Bath Rugby, said: “We collect a huge amount of player data, and Kitman Labs makes that data much more powerful and actionable.” He added: “The players enjoy the fact that it’s quick, the players can see the value via the feedback we can give them and it shows in the results.”

Bath and Gloucester Rugby are using the [ Intelligence Platformto improve their data flow to make educated decisions. The system enables both teams to understand how athletes are responding to stress, while gaining comprehensive insights into each athlete’s health, performance and injury risk.

Bob Stewart, Head of Medical Services at Gloucester Rugby said: “Injury Prevention is a huge part of any successful team, current evidence shows that keeping your squad fit and available throughout a season gives you the best chance of staying competitive. Kitman Labs’ system has enabled us to collate and analyse huge amounts of data, which has allowed us to make informed, calculated decisions on a player’s fitness and well-being which will hopefully lead to success on the pitch.”

Founded in 2012 in Dublin by Stephen Smith, former Head of Athletic training at Leinster Rugby, Kitman Labs has grown rapidly, opening its first US office in 2014.  Built by practitioners for practitioners, Kitman Labs has agreements around the world with Irish Rugby Union, Bath Rugby, Gloucester Rugby, NFL’s Miami Dolphins, the Barclay’s Premier League’s Norwich City and Everton and the NBA’s Detroit Pistons.

About Kitman Labs:

Kitman Labs is the world’s leading sports science and performance analytics company. Our athlete management software platform is used by top teams and organizations across a variety of sports and military organizations to optimize athlete and service member performance, reduce injury risk, and enhance overall wellness. Kitman Labs is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Dublin and Manchester.

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