S2:E5 On the road to a Perfect Performance Department

Road way location Infographic with pin pointers. Road way with red pointers. Road way on cloudy blue sky background, 3D illustration

In the latest Game Changers podcast, Darcy Norman hosts a fascinating discussion with Dr Karl-Heinrich Dittmar, Head of the Medical Departments at Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

 Dr Dittmar has been with the club since 2002 and played a considerable role in the planning and organization of the medical facilities during the modernization of the BayArena.

Key Highlights Include:

  • How Dr. Dittmar structured and aligned 36 staff across sports science, fitness, rehabilitation, coaching management and sports psychology

  • The strategies used to turn Big Data into digestible, actionable information for coaching and medical staff

  • The importance of key player availability for a team competing against opponents with superior financial backing

  • Striking the right balance with player load: when to taper players workload and when to push them further in search of peak match day performance

  • Quickfire Q & A on the application of data in an elite sport environment

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