Performance Medicine

Modernize Your Medical Practices For A New Competitive Edge

Your Medical
Practices For A
New Competitive Edge

Traditional EMRs put medical staff behind a desk, focused on documentation and inputs. But imagine technology that flips that around, and puts them out in front, focused on proactive strategies and outcomes?

Introducing Performance Medicine

The modern medical model is an empowered, efficient, multidisciplinary approach that harnesses data to impact athlete health, player readiness, and on-field performance. So we’ve reimagined medical technology to drive this model and revolutionize decision-making.With Performance Medicine, medical, performance, and coaching staff are aligned, integrated, and collaborative.

Everyone can see the full picture of player health; everyone can have a shared understanding of the drivers of injuries and the impact on performance. Everyone can work together to improve outcomes.

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As Performance Experts, we understand the complexity and speed of sport. Performance Medicine is built on the Intelligence Platform, which means flexible and configurable to adapt to your multi-departmental, daily workflows that are constantly changing.


Spend more time treating players,
less time on admin overhead

Game Ready

Improve player availability
health, and longevity


Enhance decision making
through collaboration


Enforce the highest
standards of privacy

Transform Athlete Care and Communication

Performance Medicine changes your relationship with data, making it more centralized, efficient, and accessible at your fingertips. Now high quality, critical information instantly supports objective decisions that result in better outcomes.

Injury and illness management

Attend to most critical issues in real time and make split second decisions that result in higher availability and better overall health.

Treatment management

Efficient treatment flow optimized for a sporting environment – high volume/low time, context shifts and urgent/emergent priorities.

Rehabilitation / Return to play

Collaborative, cross-functional view integrates Medical and Performance teams for an approach to rehabilitation that is inclusive of both recovery from injury AND readiness to perform.

Injury surveillance / epidemiological reporting

Incorporate cross-functional data for insights into the drivers of injuries in your environment. Understand the root causes of injuries to develop plans to address and ultimately reduce their impact.

Athlete Profile

Gain a comprehensive view of each athlete, including pre-existing health conditions, injury history, and current ailments improve athlete care.


Easily manipulate and analyze your data to glean insights that guide your actions.


Extend the functionality of Performance Medicine with add-ons that automate, connect, and improve additional workflows.


Risk Advisor

Harness the power of your data to reduce injury risk. Transform data into shared, objective insights into who is at risk, why, and what you can do about it



Built by concussion subject matter experts – revolutionize how your organization approaches concussion injury diagnosis & protocols

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Medication Management

Easily prescribe medications with a few simple clicks

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Healthcare System Integrations

Seamlessly order labs, imaging, and specialist consultations and automatically capture results

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Your Operating System for Success

Your Intelligence Platform unites your people around your information and turns shared data into shared intelligence for collaborative, objective decision-making. Performance Medicine applies these principles in a medical context, enabling a new level of cross-team collaboration informed by data.

Expand What’s Possible

Extend the functionality of Performance Medicine with Risk Advisor. Transform your data into shared, objective insights into who is at risk of injury, why, and what you can do about it.


Flexible & Configurable

We know you operate in a dynamic environment, and need your technology to enable your success rather than hold you back. Our Performance Experts will help you configure your Intelligence Platform to support your unique approach.


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Kitman Labs have the ability, tools and staff to provide truly bespoke performance solutions. We’ve created a product completely tailored to our workflows and environments, across men, women and youth. It supports our staff to work the way they need, not the other way round.

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