Spain vs England: Head-to-Head

Kitman Labs has long been fascinated by what it takes to win in Football. Throughout the FIFA Women’s World Cup we have been comparing squads across a number of categories that our Performance Experts have found to be important from years of research and experience of working alongside some of the world’s top sports teams.

World Cupset?

Are the world’s elite underperforming on the biggest stage?

A Sports Desert No More

We head into the dog days of August, sometimes referred to as “the sports desert” with a bit of an oasis upon us. NFL and college football training camps are starting, there is renewed interest in baseball with their rule changes, and the summer of soccer in North America continues its rise. Lionel Messi’s debut […]

NBA Summer League: A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Sport

The early part of July is usually known as the quietest time of year for most team sports. European soccer leagues are readying to start training tours in North America or elsewhere, the NFL is slowly preparing for the grind of training camp. The NHL is taking a well-deserved victory lap after an amazing Stanley […]

Practitioner Survey Highlights Optimal Return to Play Process in Elite Football

Injuries to professional athletes can affect team performance and morale, not to mention the bottom line. On average, English Premier League teams lose approximately £45 million per season due to injury-related decrements in performance. Therefore, return-to-play (RTP) strategies aimed at bringing players back to competition in the shortest time possible while reducing the risk of re-injury are of […]