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Modern Analytics for Football Associations


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Data analytics is changing the sports industry. Many forward-thinking organizations are already investing in data analytics to create an advantage that can impact on-field success at national and league levels. By having data about each athlete, these teams are better equipped to achieve more consistent performance on and off the field, improve talent development, and reduce the risk of injury.

Yet challenges still persist. Essentially, how can we get more from our data?

How can we better manage our sport data in a consistent and systematic way to improve our position on the global stage?

How can we build more National Team A-ready footballers?

How can we create a collaborative and continuous exchange of information with our national football clubs?

How can we create standards and better support our teams? 

Using Data as a Competitive Weapon

With the responsibility of elevating the standard of football in the country, football associations instinctively know that data is critical in managing talent development and players’ performance across all their teams. It can provide objective feedback and remove bias in decision-making, as well as support—not replace—practitioners’ expertise and authority.

But the quantity of data related to each athlete is growing exponentially and it’s even more overwhelming for Football Associations that deal with multiple data sources and multiple athletes. Imagine if you could break down functional silos and take all this data, centralize it, power better daily workflow and communication, and support collaborative learning and real-time decision making based on the most meaningful insights.

Elevating the Standard of Football

The iP:Intelligence Platform is a platform customized to your specific needs by a team of Performance Experts who understand your unique challenges, goals, game style, and objectives.

In football, Kitman Labs is already working with leading governing bodies to improve performance and democratize talent development as clubs gain greater access to powerful analytical tools.

The iP has helped governing bodies gain a comprehensive view of an organization’s athletes, all in one place, where data can be queried by anyone in the organization.  It not only unites staff around data, it strengthens instinct for competitive advantage and ensures objective, data-driven decision making. iP is also highly configurable to a team’s unique players, culture, goals, and style of play.

Here are some scenarios of how the powerful iP can help Football Associations:

Consistently Producing World-Class Talent

Operating at a national level, the iP allows Football Associations to scale and systemize youth footballers’ development by enabling collaboration across all leagues’ departments. And the platform’s powerful analytic insights are used to complement practitioners’ intuition and experience for more accurate, data-driven decisions (vs. opinions, which can lead to bias or misdirected progression).

Customized Player Development Plans Maximize Performance

Football Associations can maintain a high-functioning program by using the iP to create and systemize an individualized, holistic player development process to maximize performance and health. By using data to improve collaboration and preparation, practitioners are able to  raise the level of on-field performance on a consistent basis.

Ensure Player Health and Safety

There’s nothing more important than player safety and health. Teams can use the iP to analyze data and then use those insights to identify injury risk in players on a daily basis, and improve player health and availability. The Intelligence Platform allows practitioners to focus on those athletes who require attention, armed with specific knowledge and understanding of where and when to intervene.

Tailored to Your Unique Needs, Challenges and Goals

Unlike standard off-the-shelf solutions, the Intelligence Platform is customized to an organization’s specific needs and is easy to use, incredibly versatile, and powerful. It allows Football Associations to create a central repository for all leagues’ data types and uses a visualization engine to custom create dashboards and reports in seconds.

Player “Passport”

Of particular interest to Football Associations, the iP allows for comprehensive training data to travel with each player as they move or when they attend National Training Camp. In addition, the data associated with each player (physical, performance, medical) can be easily transferred amongst the Football Associations and leagues or clubs.

Proven Tool for Success Today and into the Future

Today, over 700 elite teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A Bundesliga, Pro14, Premiership Rugby, et al rely on Kitman Labs to put their best team on the field and outperform the competition.

In football, Kitman Labs is working with leading Football Associations (e.g., The FA, Scottish FA), leagues (e.g., EPL and its 92 Academies, MLS) and clubs (e.g., Chelsea, A.S. Roma, Inter Milan, Manchester City).

Leveraging the power of data to surface hidden insights and gain that winning edge is what forward-thinking organizations are capitalizing on to ensure optimal player performance and health. By driving greater collaboration and alignment around their data, organizations are positioning themselves for greater success.



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United Football League has launched the Performance Medicine Solution as their new League-wide EMR, inclusive of all teams.

Each team in the UFL will operate from a distinct iP: Intelligence Platform configured to support their respective operating philosophy and needs. Their specific system will aggregate and mobilize all player medical data in one integrated platform, providing an accurate, real-time view of each player from a health, injury, and readiness perspective.