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Unlock The Limits of Human Accomplishment

Stephen Smith, Founder & CEO of Kitman Labs, shares his vision for changing the world of high performance forever.


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Stephen Smith Speaker

At Kitman Labs, we want to change the world of high performance forever.

We work with leaders in some of the biggest sporting leagues and teams all over the world, in the public sector and the military to help them to improve the way they make decisions to manage the performance and health of their athletes.

I think the single most important thing that we can do for our partners is to help them to unlock performance through intelligence.

Our mission is to help people take the millions of data points they have today and to transform that into insights that allows them to unlock their limits of human accomplishment.

That means that they’re instrumented by data and that they can support the reasons why they make decisions.

In the absence of intelligence, that’s impossible.

I think what we see for the future, for us, essentially is ensuring that our technology becomes pervasive in every aspect of how high performing organizations operate every day.

We’re on a mission to change this industry forever, and we won’t stop until that’s done.


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